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(Not) Your Run of the Mill Food Cart

If you had asked me to guess what the next iteration of food cart would be, I probably wouldn’t have said a moped with a custom tandoori oven serving Georgian & Chechnya street food made by the former Meadwood pastry chef, Boris Portnoy.

And You Call Yourself an SF Giants Fan

A die hard cyclist + Giants fan has mapped out a bike route in San Francisco that traces the baseball team’s logo. It’s hard to imagine a Tiger’s fan doing something similar but what do I know from Detroit? GO GIANTS!

A $7 Muffin Worth the Money

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed a muffin with a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg in the center.

The Last Legal Drug, Delivered

A new coffee roastery out of LA aims to answer the age old question: is your hand picked, slow roasted, organic, individual drip coffee going to taste as delicious if you don’t stand in a long line of hipsters to get it?*