Megan McCrea
You could call Megan a prodigal child of the West. A Denver native, she lived away for seven years—on the east coast, in Europe, and in the Pacific Islands—before following her manifest destiny all the way to the west coast/best coast. Megan now lives in San Francisco; she enjoys hiking, doing yoga, drinking coffee, getting political, and generally upholding west coast stereotypes. Nevertheless, she still harbors a passionate, undying love for the 303. Her work has appeared in print in Sunset, VIA, and Diablo, and online on Poetry Flash, VIA’s Road Journals, and

Recent Posts By Megan McCrea

Molly’s Toffee from Heartlandia

While making Molly’s Toffee, Assistant Travel Editor Megan McCrea learned the importance of reading directions. All of them. Before starting to cook.

The Great Clutter Challenge: Overcoming Attachments

Walk past my cubicle, and you’ll be greeted by quite the tableau:

Sunset’s Great Clutter Challenge

No matter how you slice it, moving ain’t easy. The last time I moved, I distinctly remember a moment—4 a.m. the day I was scheduled to move—when I sat down on my bedroom floor, surrounded by boxes, and wept.

Bay Bridge: impending implosion tomorrow

Godzilla. San Andreas. X-Men: The Last Stand. It Came From Beneath the Sea. Whether the culprit is a radioactive monster or a fault line, Magneto or a mutant octopus, Hollywood loves destroying the Golden Gate Bridge. But this weekend, our other bridge will steal the spotlight, as 20,000 pounds of dynamite implode the old Bay Bridge’s biggest concrete pier.