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Introducing the Sunset Cookbook Club

At Sunset, we regularly share edible treats from our home gardens—and ovens; we argue heatedly about where to buy the best fish taco; and we relish showing visitors our beloved Test Kitchen, where our food editors and recipe testers create and polish every recipe that we publish. Every now and then we have full-blown potlucks, too. We also love cookbooks, and […]

Build a Better Chicken Farm

We’ve been fans of Eatwell Farm for years. A 105-acre enterprise near Dixon, CA, it raises excellent organic produce and organic chickens on pasture. We raise our own chickens here at Sunset and have become very fond of them (and their eggs!) over the years, so we appreciate the care that owner Nigel Walker takes with his flock.

Rescue These Rare Heirloom Fruit and Nut Trees

Barnraiser, a very cool crowd-funding site devoted to healthy, sustainable food projects, has one up now that makes our hearts beat especially fast. Called “Eureka! Saving Heirloom Fruit & Nut Trees from the California Gold Rush,” it’s the passion project of Amigo Bob Cantisano, a legendary organic farmer in this state.

The Most Fertile Field in America

In our August issue, writer Janet Fletcher tells the story of how a cook at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse changed how we eat and cook in the San Francisco Bay Area—and beyond.