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What to eat instead of Dungeness crab this year

Given the gloomy outlook for Dungeness crab season this year, we crab-lovers might need to contemplate a whole new holiday tradition. I have two suggestions.

Thanksgiving Comfort Food

As we approach our December office moves—to Oakland’s Jack London Square and to Sonoma’s Cornerstone—the Sunset staff has been reminiscing about Menlo Park memories. One of our favorite spots on campus is an unassuming hallway ledge we call The Crossroads. When we have harvested backyard fruit or baked scratch cookies, we share the bounty with our colleagues here.

Cooking from the summer garden

We’ll admit it: here at Sunset, we love to play with our food. Whether we’re crafting cocktails or perfecting pie crust, studying sugar cookies or butterflying the Thanksgiving turkey, we are always experimenting, always tinkering.

Introducing the Sunset Cookbook Club

At Sunset, we regularly share edible treats from our home gardens—and ovens; we argue heatedly about where to buy the best fish taco; and we relish showing visitors our beloved Test Kitchen, where our food editors and recipe testers create and polish every recipe that we publish. Every now and then we have full-blown potlucks, too. We also love cookbooks, and […]