MacKenzie Geidt
A San Francisco native (yes, we exist!), Mac tried out New York City after graduating from Stanford, but came running home after confirming that the devil does, in fact, wear Prada, and that life on Broadway isn’t as glamorous as life in the Wild West. When she’s not on the road, you might see her jogging through Golden Gate Park or seeking out San Francisco's best cocktails. Her most Westphoric adventures at Sunset have taken her to a wild mustang ranch in Shasta, the swankified shores of Malibu, and to the top of Pikes Peak during a blizzard. She's still trying to catch a ride on the Google Bus.

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The New Coffee Movement

Craft cocktails, meet craft coffee. This only-in-the-West hybrid has just landed at Theorem, a new six-seat coffee bar at the OC Mart Mix indie mall in Costa Mesa, where cocktail trends like barrel-aging and bitters are making their way into coffee drinks.

Dim Sum Meets Ping Pong in Denver

We love a good mash-up here in the West—we practically invented pairings like yoga and vegetarian food at Ubuntu in Napa, an Irish meets Eritrean food truck in SF, and beer cocktails in San Diego. But we found one that just might be the best yet: Southeast Asian snacks + cocktails + ping pong = a night out at Ace […]

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Extravagant Workplace in San Francisco

A few months back, I did a What’s Inside the Google Bus? post on the over-the-top amenities that may or may not be on board the monstrous white bus that flies by my house whisking bleary-eyed Googlers to work every morning. I was devastated to learn, based on responses I got, that in fact there is NOTHING exciting on board […]

Fantasy Hawaiian hotel with an in-room ukulele

I narrowed the criteria for my ideal Hawaiian getaway into 3 main fantasy points: A turquoise bay 50 steps from the front door, a day bed for spontaneous naps, and daily beach-side cocktail delivery. Who passed the test?