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The Great Clutter Challenge: I give minimalism a try

When Kyle Quilici and Cary Fortin of New Minimalism¬†came to Sunset’s offices, I furiously took notes and vowed allegiance to the five principles they shared with us. You see, my desk is almost always cluttered with stacks of books, tiles, fabrics, reader letters, and every piece of paper from every meeting I’ve been to in the last three months. “I’m […]

Designer Feed: DIY, color palettes, and brass

Today is all about surprises. A DIY project I didn’t think was possible, a secret garden, a surprising color palette–these are the delightful ideas that make my hours of Instagram scrolling worth it.

Designer feed: I love leather (and other things)

It’s true: Leather is my material of the moment. I can’t get enough of its caramel tones. While I save my pennies for the sofa of my dreams, or hope I get lucky at a flea market and snag a sling chair (vintage leather is my preference), I’m eyeing the way¬†Western designers are using it in their work.

Designer feed: simple fall decor and organized kitchens

Here at our Menlo Park HQ, it just got chilly. The cold air puts me in an organizing mood (I gave my closet the once-over last weekend), so I looked at IG and found cold weather loving, de-cluttering soul mates. Take a look: