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Meet the Denver Idea House: A Mid-Century Modern Renovation

  If you’ve read the January issue carefully (and I know you did), you saw we’re building the 2015 Sunset Idea House in Denver! The Mile-High City has a booming food, wine, and design scene, and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. We’re excited and proud to be there this year.

Eat Fresh, Last Day: Salad Round-Up

Who: Joanna Linberg, senior home editor This year, I’m determined to: eat a salad a day. Even though this challenge is done, I still struggle with: planning ahead to get fresh greens, then not copping out on prep when I get home from work.  Coping mechanism: Instagramming the photos was a huge motivator for me. It also made me realize how foods like raisins and […]


Eat Fresh, Day 10: I’m fully in love with salads

Last night’s citrus salad was a favorite. And not just mine–it’s gotten the most likes and comments of any salad I’ve posted on Instagram so far. It’s simple to make: Place segmented grapefruit and oranges on a bed of spinach. Top with thinly sliced fennel and celery, and a handful of parsley. Drizzle the salad with avocado or olive oil, sprinkle with […]

Eat Fresh, Day 8: It’s about to get real

Photo: Yunhee Kim I have to confess something to you. All those yummy salads you’ve seen every day on Instagram? Well, with only one or two exceptions, my husband made them for me. It’s really easy to succeed during the Eat Fresh Challenge when someone literally plans all your meals, shops for the ingredients, makes it, then hands it to […]