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Behind the scenes at Camp Sunset

Like Downton Abbey, our Camp Sunset adventure featured in the May 2015 issue had its upstairs/downstairs aspects. On the fancy side of camp: the winners of our contest to learn to be better campers, the Codianne-Miller and Torres families.

Should we stop eating and growing almonds?

At breakfast this morning as I grabbed a handful of almonds for my oatmeal, I stopped to count them: 32. It took over 35 gallons of water to grow those 32 nuts, according to a report in Mother Jones.

The Best Way to Remove Beet Stains from Your Hands

We’ve been roasting and peeling a lot of beets lately in the Sunset Test Kitchen for an upcoming story on yogurt with cookbook author Janet Fletcher. I was looking like a victim of a horrible accident until our photo session at Janet’s house, when she showed me the best trick ever for removing beet stains from your hands.

Our 6 Favorite Vegetarian Recipes for the Drought

We’re all working on our drought plans to save water in the bathroom, laundry room, and garden. But what about in the kitchen? Recent news says if we want to have a big impact on the drought, we have to address the biggest guzzler, food production.