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Farmers’ market find: mulberries

What is it? ‘Pakistan’ variety of mulberries from The Mulberry Guy, at the downtown farmers’ market in Palo Alto, CA. The family also grows the shorter ‘Illinois’ mulberry variety.   Cool facts learned from farmer: Mulberries grow on a tree; most people think they grow on a bush, like the nursery school song says. The whole berry is edible, including […]

Sunset’s best thick, chewy, chocolate chip cookie recipe

  Torture. It’s not a word people usually associate with chocolate chip cookies, but spring brings tough times to the edit staff at Sunset. That’s because each year our Test Kitchen bakes up hundreds of thick, chewy, oversized—and frankly, perfect—chocolate chip cookies for the local elementary school kids who visit our campus. The aroma of brown sugar and chocolate wafts […]

How to build a campfire for cooking

Those lessons from my Girl Scout days were feeling pretty hazy, and we needed a rockin’ campfire to cook the hobo bundles at Camp Sunset, featured in the May 2015 issue. Fortunately, we had an expert on hand to teach us the basics of how to build a campfire for cooking. Alameda Co. firefighter Charohn Dawson shared these easy tips. […]

How to choose a camp stove

Whether you’re making pancakes and bacon for breakfast or enchilada nacho bowls for dinner, a camp stove is the most important piece of gear in your outdoor kitchen. Are you buying gear for your first family camping trip? Thinking about an upgrade? Here’s what you need to know to choose a camp stove.