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The easiest grilled steak for Labor Day

An easy hack for de-boning salmon

Now that wild salmon season is in full swing, I want to enjoy every delicious, succulent (and expensive) bite—but without the bones. I’ve tried using needlenose pliers from the toolbox, and they do the job but can gouge the flesh. In my book, it’s worth it to invest in salmon tweezers.

Sunset’s easiest vanilla ice cream

I’m not someone who normally follows all the national food holidays, but this July I have to make an exception. It’s National Ice Cream month!

The best Virgin Mary

We love a good cocktail as much as anyone. But Sonoma Syrup Co.’s Bloody Olive Mary Mix, made with locally grown tomatoes and three kinds of olives (plus horseradish and cayenne), is so delicious, we like drinking it all by itself, on the rocks. So if you’re looking for the best Virgin Mary, look no further. In case you wonder, […]