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What’s your holiday food tradition?

We asked our Sunset recipe testers to tell us about the Christmas recipes and Hannukah recipes they have to bring out every year for family gatherings. What’s your holiday food tradition?

3 tips for Thanksgiving flower arrangements

One of my favorite parts of hanging out in the wine country for Sunset’s November feature story was learning how to make gorgeous, natural flower arrangements for Thanksgiving. Here are three tips for how you can work magic from Healdsburg SHED co-owner Cindy Daniel and SHED’s floral designer Sue Volkel into your own arrangements.

Get the look: 10 Thanksgiving dinnerware ideas

Do you ever see a gorgeous food photo and think, man, I wish I had that bowl? Setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table is partly about the food, partly about what you put it on.

Sunset’s favorite sugar cookie recipe

A few years back, I was obsessed with finding the perfect sugar cookie recipe and tested all the variations I could find in Sunset’s archives. I’m happy to say our Favorite Sugar Cookie Dough recipe deserves its name. And you can tailor the cookies from simple to spectacular to suit your schedule.