Johanna Silver
You'd think that Johanna would bring some serious Rocky Mountain credibility to the Westphoria team by being a Denver native, but forget it – she hates skiing, loathes Fat Tire, and basically has a fear of camping (a bear could eat me). Sorry, Colorado! She regains all cred by being a fully-transitioned Bay Area cliché–knowing how to slaughter a chicken, occasionally biking 40 miles to work, and not batting an eye while blasting the heat during a freezing San Francisco summer.

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The 3 best houseplants—and how to keep them alive

I’ve just emptied one of my favorite containers and finally have the perfect vessel for a plant I’ve been craving. In the spirit of sharing, here’s that plant, and a few of my other top picks. Make it to the bottom and you’ll find my secret for keeping them alive.

3 best gardening and workwear pants for women

There’s nothing worse than squatting down to do pull some weeds and being mistaken for a plumber instead of a gardener, if you get my drift. Here are some of the tried-and-true, favorite work clothes of the garden team at Sunset. Best of all? They’re stylish.

The best organic fertilizer (it’s made from fish)

I caught up with Phil Lansing of Carpe Carpum—you’ll read about him in our August issue—to learn more about his Idaho-produced organic fish fertilizer made from invasive European carp in nearby freshwater rivers and lakes.

Will the new White House florist pick local flowers?

Today we’re reading that the White House’s 4-month-long search for a chief florist has been narrowed to 25 applicants. Between wondering if this sounds like the coolest job in the world or the worst nightmare imaginable, I’m sure of one thing: