Johanna Silver
You'd think that Johanna would bring some serious Rocky Mountain credibility to the Westphoria team by being a Denver native, but forget it – she hates skiing, loathes Fat Tire, and basically has a fear of camping (a bear could eat me). Sorry, Colorado! She regains all cred by being a fully-transitioned Bay Area cliché–knowing how to slaughter a chicken, occasionally biking 40 miles to work, and not batting an eye while blasting the heat during a freezing San Francisco summer.

Recent Posts By Johanna Silver

Last chance to see Lotusland in 2015

You’ve got six more weeks to treat yourself to see Ganna Walska Lotusland in Montecito, CA before it closes on November 14th for the year. (Don’t worry—it reopens in February 2016.)

Free plants for all!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 17th. That’s when the biannual Plant Exchange takes place in the front lawn of the First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, CA from noon to 4pm.

Giveaway: gallery print from Seeing Seeds

We’re loving Seeing Seeds: A Journey into the World of Seedheads, Pods, and Fruit (Timber Press, 2015; $30). Thanks to a special photography technique, the images show off almost microscopic details. Accompanying the photos are fascinating stories about seeds—including the winged red maple seeds on the cover, whose papery wings inspired World War II parachute drops. The winner will receive […]

What it’s like to be a sod farmer in the middle of a drought

With state mandates calling for the reduction of lawn in landscapes and cash-for-grass rebates popping up everywhere, I thought I’d ask Ed Zuckerman, the founder of California’s largest sod farm, Delta Bluegrass Company, what it’s really like to be a turf farmer in these dry times.