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I am an online editor at Born and raised a few miles south of San Francisco along the coast, I am a fitness and food fanatic.

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Links We Love: Western Beauty

With Earth Day this week we wanted to take some time to appreciate all of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Here’s a little love for our great West:


From the Cutting Room Floor: Gorgeous All-Container Garden

We fell in love with Annette Gutierrez’s bright, fun garden that is made almost entirely of containers. She created a series of outdoor rooms to transform the 3,000-square-foot yard. Here is what didn’t make it into the April issue:

Links We Love: Better Budget

The word “budget” often causes a cringe, but pinching pennies doesn’t have to be painful.

Links We Love: Embracing Envy

From gorgeous rooms on Pinterest to the striking spaces in our magazine, we can all get a little jealous. But instead of feeling guilty, maybe it’s not a bad thing.