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How to prepare for an earthquake and tsunami

The 50th anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami reminds us where we live—and to be prepared

A skunk in the kitchen: When a good wine goes bad (again)

I often set myself up for dinner-party defeat by trying a new recipe at the last moment, leaving little recourse if I stop staring at a cookbook and start chatting when I should be focusing on slowly and consistently stirring my roux (sorry, preschool potluckers, for last week’s, uh, smoky rendition of a really yummy gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese). But […]

Chardonnay and Syrah tasting notes: Our 3-year-olds are feisty and loveable

‘Tis the season when good kids are rewarded for being nice, and though our 3-year-old wines have had their naughty moments (we were bottle-shocked by their behavior at two dinner parties), we can’t help but love them. Team Wine is so proud of our 2007 Syrah and Chardonnay, we even thought of sneaking them into the blind judging for Sunset’s […]

Wine corks: Recycle or compost?

The short answer is: You can do either. As this new pro-cork campaign reminds us, our traditional wine-bottle stopper comes from the cork oak tree, and pretty much anything that comes from the earth can be returned to the earth, be it a paper plate or a wine cork. But why not reuse that cork before you rot it in […]