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Grapefruit-honey whiskey sours

Looking for something great to do with all that citrus coming into the market? Think cocktails. We have an old grapefruit tree at Sunset that’s bursting with big, juicy fruit so I devised this twist on a whiskey sour. Grapefruit-honey whiskey sour 2 tbsp. freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 2 oz. whiskey 2 tsp. honey (I used our Sunset honey) Ice […]

It’s a grilled cheese kind of day

Despite the fact that we just left the sunny Central Coast (where we held our fabulous 2nd annual Savor the Central Coast event), it is raining and gloomy here today. In other words, perfect grilled cheese weather. I could have thought of some more unusual way to use my basil-almond pesto from a few weeks ago, but I kept coming […]

Freezing basil-almond pesto for the Fall

  It’s that time of year when you’ve had just about enough Caprese salad. Fall is almost upon us and that means cozy, comforting dishes and fewer cold, refreshing salads. But right now, we still have plenty of basil left to use. Pesto is a no-brainer when you need to preserve your basil harvest, but it can get a little […]

Pepper-manchego tart

I’ve been on a tart kick lately. There’s just something about the process of making dough, rolling it out, and presenting something so elegant that’s incredibly satisfying and calming. And so when I walked around our outdoor kitchen and noticed an impressive pepper assortment, I thought, why not make a pepper tart? Look at these beauties: ‘Napoleon Sweet’ ‘Hungarian Yellow […]