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Seattle-based contributing editor.

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2015 Calendars We Love

Yep, it’s 2015, and oops, your December calendar image doesn’t turn-page into January. You meant to spend sometime personalizing a calendar with your family photos on Artifact Uprising or something as holiday gifts…but then, well, the holidays happened. Maybe next year. This year, get yourself a Mountain Life calendar ($20) by Handle With Care. Images by Seattle-based photographers Julia and Yuriy Manchik feature Montana and Canada […]

Project We Love: Wild Times by Susan Robb

When you have a friend hiking the Pacific Crest Trail—those 2650 miles from the Mexico-California border to the Washington-Canada border that cross 26 national forests, seven national parks, five state parks, and three national monuments—you assume their email account will be dormant for six months and they’ll be fairly impossible to reach, but you look forward to hearing all about their […]

Idea We Love: Floating Sauna by goCstudio

On any given summer day, the waters around Seattle (Lake Union, Lake Washington, the Puget Sound) are bustling with water toys: sailboats and kayaks and SUPs (standup paddle boards). There are even SUP yoga classes. Yes, people hold yoga positions while balancing on boards floating on the water. (I am not one of those people.) Whatever the aquatic activity, on […]

What’s really green?

We asked four industry experts what’s really healthy, eco-friendly, and smart—and what’s just green-washing. You can see some of their answers in our December issue, where we featured builder Jeff King’s own eco-smart remodel, but the rest you’ll find right here.