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What’s really green?

We asked four industry experts what’s really healthy, eco-friendly, and smart—and what’s just green-washing. You can see some of their answers in our December issue, where we featured builder Jeff King’s own eco-smart remodel, but the rest you’ll find right here.

Sneak Peek: #TheNatureCure story preview

A few weeks ago staff photographer Tom Story and I spent two days in the lush forest around Northern California’s Mount Tamalpais. We were documenting a “field trip” of Juniper Ridge—the self-professed “nature freaks” known for their place-scented products like “Big Sur Backpakers Cologne” and “Siskiou Cabin Spray.”  (Their tagline is “Mountains in a Bottle” and that’s no marketing gimmick.) […]

Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge, Day 4: I’m rich!

I’m bored. The pretty breakfasts of scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado—and really, just the act of turning on my stovetop at 7am, or, let’s be honest, at all—felt sophisticated and rewarding for about 2.5 days. I almost fantasized about a career as a food stylist.

Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge, Day 1: Sorry, I’ve been in the kitchen

Who: Jess Chamberlain, contributing editor I’m giving up: Processed and prepared foods (anything packaged or not made from scratch) I chose this because: I’m curious. Will I feel better? Will I save money? Do I know how to turn on my oven? (Kidding, mostly.) I’d say my diet is generally very healthy (cereal and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, pasta or […]