Christine worked in the magazine industry for the past 12 years, specializing in travel, food, and drinks. Before that she mostly traveled, drank and ate. In 2005, she left New Orleans after a nearly lifetime stint, three hurricane evacuations, and too much seafood gumbo. San Francisco is her new home. The fog is actually nice.

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What Makes a Backyard Chicken-Friendly?

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Backyard chickens are ruling the West. The latest in poultry trends? Chicken gardens. That’s right. Gardens designed around the needs of your feathered friends. The go-to book is Free-Range Chicken Gardens (Timber Press, 2012; $20), by Seattle landscape designer Jessi Bloom. Four things to keep in mind:

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Is There Any Part of the Fish You Can’t Eat?

Eating fish has taken on a whole new turn. Sure, there’s sustainability. But now it’s about eating the whole fish, from gill to adipose fin. Best imbibed with fish-friendly wines and beers.

The Exotic Paradise of California

Recently an article in Collectors Weekly wrote about the history of camping “before camping got wimpy.” Do you think they could be referring to this take on camping featured in Sunset’s May 2011 issue?

The Secret, Slow Hawaii

Slow food. Yes. Slow travel? Please. Let’s try to do more of that.

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