Allison Jones
Allison Jones is a hungry health nut with a passion for yoga, farmers' markets, oddball workouts with sledgehammers, sauerkraut, spa days, and gluten-free cupcakes. A Southern California native, she has spent the past decade eating and tweeting her way through Portland's vibrant food scene, and she reports on the Northwest's best restaurants, events, travel destinations, fitness studios, shopping splurges, and hiking trails—rain or shine.

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What to Eat this Week: Crickets … in Portland, of course

Move over, kale: This new superfood darling has legs. Six of them. And this week, Portlanders are digging in at the Cricket Cook-Off. Back in my college days, bug-eating contests were de rigueur at our end-of-year bacchanalian celebration, where my fellow coeds would fill an amphitheater to watch stoner bros and theater divas alike indulge in antennaed tidbits made palatable by […]