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Oregon’s wolves might lose endangered species status

Though only 81 gray wolves (81!) are known to live wild in the entire state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff has recommended removing the animals from the state Endangered Species list.

Instant Halloween decorating with mini pumpkins and succulents

My neighbor has a great-looking bed of succulents, including green Aeoniums and gorgeous powder blue agaves. Come Halloween, he brightens the scene by spearing mini pumpkins onto the agave tips. Genius—and instant fun.

Now a 95% chance for a rainy winter

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last week raised the odds for a wet winter and spring in California to 95%. Fingers crossed! I am so looking forward to seeing our hillsides turn that brilliant Irish green we get only in winter. To celebrate, I bought a native ceanothus plant to match the one I have growing in my garden now. At […]

Mountain lion travel corridor proposed near L.A.

For everybody who lives in L.A., dealing with traffic is among the top worries of the day. But for L.A.-area mountain lions, whose hunting and breeding habitat is fragmented by freeways, it’s truly a life-or-death proposition. A proposed wildlife corridor—a landscaped bridge spanning eight-lane Highway 101 in L.A. County’s Agoura Hills—aims to solve that problem by providing safe passage for the big […]