4 fuss-free container planting ideas

September 2, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

Our 2016 Idea House is in the East Bay Hills is in full swing (buy your tickets to see it for yourself). In addition to heaps of ideas for interior design, the property also features great container plantings, featuring the easy-care, water-rise plants from our Sunset Western Garden Collection. Enjoy!


1. Easy breezy

That glowing variegated beauty is Platinum Beauty™ Lomandra, a grass-like, bullet-proof rush from Australia. Platinum Beauty™ Lomandra is the first green and white striped variegated form and is the perfect foil against more saturated colors. Pictured here with a purple sweet potato vine (Ipomoea butatas) and the burgundy blades of a ‘Design-A-Line’ cordyline from another pot.


Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

2. Monochromatic mood

Keep it simple with plant palette of similar hues. Here, blue clumps of Clarity Blue™ Dianella grow between heat tolerant, variegated ‘Meerlo’ Lavender and a draping fish hooks Senecio.


3. Woodsy and wild

 ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia’s delicate fern-like texture is a great pair with chartreuse EverColor® ‘Everillo’ Carex and trailing creeping Jenny.


Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

4.  Bright beauties
Colorful foliage—lime green ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum, burgundy ‘Design-A-Line’ cordyline, and variegated ‘Angyo Star’ Fatshedera—blends nicely with silvery succulents and purple sweet potato vine (Ipomoea butatas)—which will eventually drape over container edges. This trio mixes height, color, and texture, while the sleek silver containers keep the look refined, and similar low-water needs ensure easy maintenance and care.


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