Sunset Western Garden: ‘Meerlo’ Lavender

May 4, 2016 | By | Comments (0)
'Meerlo' lavender by Sunset Western Garden Collection

‘Meerlo’ lavender by Sunset Western Garden Collection

Rebecca Sweet of Harmony in the Garden writes about her favorite plant in the Sunset Western Garden Collection.

I get dirty in: Los Altos, California (South Peninsula region of the Bay Area), where I’ve lived and gardened for over 40 years.

Favorite plant in the Sunset Western Garden: Without a doubt, it’s ‘Meerlo’ lavender!

How I use it in the landscape: When I need something that’s deer and bunny-resistant, requires little water, looks great year-round, and smells divine, I turn to ‘Meerlo’ lavender.  Its variegated foliage looks amazing when placed near dark greens or maroons; colors that let the soft yellow variegated foliage ‘pop’ in the landscape.

What I love about it: Besides the classic lavender fragrance, I love creating interesting color echoes from ‘Meerlo’s variegated foliage. These echoes help to not only add another layer of interest in the garden but also to unify a grouping of seemingly mismatched plants.  Color echoes can often act as the ribbon that ties a random selection of plants together within the garden bed, helping it to look full and dynamic without appearing overly busy.

How I keep it happy: I plant ‘Meerlo’ in full sun with fast-draining soil (lavenders hate having wet feet in the winter!) To aid in drainage, I mix in a few scoops of pumice at the bottom of the planting hole. During the hot summer months, I give ‘Meerlo’ a drink of water once or twice a week, at most.

Plants it plays nicely with: To let the buttery yellow colors shine, consider placing ‘Meerlo’ near a few dark green plants, such as  Lomandra ‘Breeze’, ‘Baby Gem’ Buxus, ‘Golf Ball’ Pittosporum, or Boxwood Euonymus. Or, to add a bit more drama to the garden, contrast colors by placing ‘Meerlo’ near the dark and moody foliage of ‘Design-A-Line’ Cordyline‘Black Adder’ Phormium’, or ‘Red Diamond’ Loropetalum.


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