Now trending: craft beer and yoga

Women practicing yoga in a class

Women practicing yoga in a class

What you want after a relaxing yoga class is … a relaxing drink, right? Keep the effect going. That makes the newest trend at craft breweries brilliant—bring the yoga to the beer!

The question is, why didn’t we think of this before? I don’t love a stereotype. Still, I’m guessing craft brewery aficionados skew a little male, and yoga devotees a little female. Plant a yoga class in a brewery, and you capture both audiences. What’s more, the guys and the gals might talk over the beers that ensue, and voilà! New fans of your beer, for all sorts of heartfelt reasons.

I’m usually all about the vino. But until wineries take a page from the craft beer industry, here are some breweries on my yoga wish list.

  1.  Craft Ales in Claremont, California
  2. Dry Dock Brewing Co. in Aurora, Colorado
  3. Vagabond Brewing in Salem, Oregon



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