5 stunning, supersize artworks from Western artists

August 19, 2015 | By | Comments (7)
photo by Thomas J. Story

photo by Thomas J. Story

We’ve all seen the gallery wall–a mish mash of art, sometimes themed, sometimes not, that spreads over the wall to signal your mastery of eclecticism. I love the gallery wall. But I’m ready for a new look: The solitary piece of huge, look-at-me art. A piece that’s worth giving up an entire wall for.

photo by Thomas J. Story

photo by Thomas J. Story

Turns out I’m not the only one craving bigger pieces. Everyone’s favorite source for holiday photo cards, Minted, just released large-format prints. I’m talking 3 by 4-1/2 feet and 3-1/2 by 5 feet pieces starting at $200 unframed. Here are some of my favorites from Western artists who have contributed works.

minted-fav-pieces1. Let’s Go by SylvieCeres Designs, Walnut Creek, CA 2. Morning Dew by Krista Messer, Portland, OR 3. The Meadow by Melanie Severin, Lloydminster, CA 4. Monochrome Sky by Lindsay Ferraris Photography, Pacifica, CA 5. Convergence 1 by Kelly Johnston, Seattle, WA



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