From Instagram to retail: Eric Trine’s success story

July 7, 2015 | By | Comments (0)
photo courtesy of Eric Trine

photo courtesy of Eric Trine

Further proof that the freshest designs are being cooked up in restaurants: Eric Trine‘s Octahedron stool. Last year, the Ojai Rancho Inn commissioned the seat for its new bar, Chief’s Peak. The bar opened, and patrons posted photos of the stools on Instagram asking, “Where can we buy these?” Trine, a design entrepreneur based in Long Beach, California, got the message and started producing the stools for retail this spring. They come in three heights, one of which also works as a side table, and are available in any powder-coat color or brass- or copper-plated with white oak or walnut seats.

P.S. Eric’s not just big in the West: If you’re in Chicago, head to Urban Outfitters to see his furniture in their lounge!


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