Links We Love: Breaking the Rules of Decorating

May 23, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

This week we’ve learned some surprising decorating tricks, which flowers last the longest in a vase, great campsite cooking tools, and more.

Unique headboard

Source: Kara Rosenlund, Courtesy of

Who says you have to follow any decorating rules? We like these 10 creative tricks that say, Hey, it’s OK to draw outside the lines.

Take those mason jars off the pantry shelf with these unexpected ways to use the storage staple as decor.

If the thought of going camping without an espresso and a well-made meal makes you shudder, here are some great cooking tools to bring along on your trip.

Which cut flowers last the longest? Get the answer in this eye-pleasing test drive of 7 different blooms.


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