Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge, Day 4: I’m rich!

January 9, 2014 | By | Comments (1)


Who: Jess Chamberlain, contributing editor

I’m giving up: Processed and prepared foods (anything packaged or not made from scratch)

My biggest challenge today: I’m bored. The pretty breakfasts of scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado—and really, just the act of turning on my stovetop at 7am, or, let’s be honest, at all—felt sophisticated and rewarding for about 2.5 days. I almost fantasized about a career as a food stylist. (All those beautiful colors from nature! And protein before noon! Clearly, I must have been experiencing a cholesterol high.) Midway through breakfast yesterday (day 3) I found it hard to swallow those fluffy yellow eggs. Too many in one week? Maybe. Too many consecutive mornings? For sure. And this morning, for lack of an alternative, I basically force fed myself the same thing. Tonight I’m picking up some oatmeal.

Also, I wish I’d prepped some last weekend. On Monday I picked up all the ingredients to make these Fruit & Nut Breakfast Bars and haven’t found time to make them.

My biggest temptation to cheat: Last night I was at my sister’s house when she pulled a small package from her grocery bag and asked if I’d seen the new “cookie bar” at Whole Foods. (She knows about this food challenge, so the question was totally cruel. But she’d just handed me a fresh pressed beet/carrot/orange juice, so she’s forgiven.) I replied: “No, and don’t even show me what’s in there. I can’t see it. Please open it after I leave.” Like the temptation to buy new clothes I don’t need, I find if you don’t know what’s available (don’t go in the shop) you won’t miss it.

Today I feel: Rich. Or, well, not as broke. After the initial grocery store run on Monday ($50), I’ve spent only $2 on a cup of coffee on Tuesday (yes, I cheated, but it was made by hand by a friend who owns the coffee bar!). I also feel less tired. Likely a result of not having any of the coma-inducing carbs like bread, or the refined sugars in anything processed. Also, gulp, no cocktails.

Learn more about my espresso addiction, cold-pressed juice obsession, and upcoming attempts to use my oven on Twitter @jessedit and #SunsetEatFresh.

(Photo by Ian Bagwell.)


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