Cool Online Shop: Fleapop

October 21, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

When I’m in a designer’s home, it inevitably happens. After touring the rest of the home, she’ll swallow and say, “Do you want to see something scary?”

Obviously, yes.

Then I’ll get led to the garage, the spare room, the hallway closet that’s stuffed to the seams with stuff. Antiques that need a home, those thrift store lamps she couldn’t pass up, baskets and baskets of textiles waiting to become pillows. Nearly every designer I know has this stash of goods and I’ve always wished I could shop it.


So I was excited to hear about Santa Monica-based Fleapop, an online home for pros (and the rest of us) to buy and sell their collection of furniture, pillows, and accessories. And it’s not just vintage items for sale. I spotted an insane live-edge coffee table from Madera Home in LA, a pair of open-cage sconces mounted on reclaimed wood (pictured above), and classic Pendleton pillows.

Just like a flea market, you can stalk sellers whose eye matches yours. Most sellers ship throughout the West, but you can also search for sellers near you.


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