Four Secrets to Amazing Grilled Shrimp

August 23, 2013 | By | Comments (0)


You may know about three secrets to amazing grilled shrimp: Rub them with salt and sugar, master the C-skewer, and cook them over a hot fire. I’ll add a fourth: Throw in some ouzo. Yes, that licorice-y liqueur you indulged in on vacation in Greece. There’s nothing better for playing up shrimp’s sweetness.

1. The rub. Just like brining a turkey, rubbing shrimp with salt and sugar before cooking seals in their juiciness and sweetness.

2. The C-skewer.  For easy turning on the grill, skewer each shrimp through both ends so it forms the letter C, and use flat metal or soaked wooden skewers.

3. The hot fire. Because they’re small and thin, shrimp need just a couple of minutes on the fire. Take them off when they’re bright pink and opaque but still really moist.

4. The ouzo! I love licorice so much I add anise seeds on top of the ouzo. The seeds lend a little crunch, too. And a little glass of ouzo to sip grill-side sends me right back to Santorini.

Get the recipe here


Photo by Flickr user Arian Zweger


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