4 Stories We’re Savoring

June 21, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

The stories our editors are reading, loving, and sharing this week.

Delicatessen with Love –> Gabriele Galimberti

“I first discovered Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti when his Toy Stories project went viral last year. Now I’ve been wowed all over again by his Delicatessen with Love series, which depicts grandmas all over the world showcasing one of the things grandmas do best: feeding us. In the photo series, each grandmother poses with the raw ingredients for one of her culture’s signature dishes, juxtaposed with a shot of the finished dish. The project is not only a testament to global cuisine, but also to the universal thread of a grandma’s unconditional love. After all, the way to one’s heart is often the stomach, no?” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, Sunset.com 

Team Taco –> NYT

“Here’s a story I read on a recent Sunday that stuck with me. I’ve actually been meaning to post it on my FB page for all my restaurant homies to read. Staff meal in a restaurant is a very important element to those working in restaurants. And it’s truly unlike any other meal that exists in the universe. I’ve worked in restaurants that had fantastic staff meal and restaurants that had horrid staff meal (horrid, as in rotten meat they we’re trying to not waste). I’ve also been the one cooking staff meal for my colleagues, which is both an honor and a rare form of punishment. While there’s much more to say about staff meal, I thought Sam Sifton’s article in this last week’s Sunday magazine was a great start.” — Amy Machnak, recipe editor

10 Best Hammocks for Summer Lounging –> PopSugar Home

“There’s something about spending a summer afternoon in a hammock that seems to stop time. It’s that delicious combination of weightlessness, sun-warmed skin, and the sound of rustling trees—I usually find myself with eyes closed and a book splayed open on my face (it’s better than sunglasses and noses fit so perfectly in the spine), just taking it all in. Today, in case you’re pinned to your desk instead of between two trees overlooking the Pacific, here’s a handful of hammocks that are almost as transporting as the real thing.” — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor.

Weekend Must: The Coolest Marin County Roadhouse –> Remodelista

“One of the things I love most about living in Northern California is that with a few rare exceptions, one need not dress to the nines when dining at a top-notch restaurant. Having grown up in the capital of high-fashion everything (NYC), it’s so refreshing to go to a well designed space where people are swirling their wine glasses in (gasp!) jeans. I’d rather get my eye candy in other ways, and the Point Reyes eatery Sir and Star delivers on those fronts. Gorgeous food is served in a quirky-cool roadhouse-style space that’s a feast for the senses.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, Sunset.com 


  1. sharon

    Getting ready to paint our bedroom shortly. I would like to do something with the ceiling color to make the room seem taller. Is using a much deeper shade of paint the answer?

    December 15, 2013 at 8:08 am

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