What We’re Reading This Week

May 24, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Point Reyes

Stories our editors are reading, loving, and sharing this week.

A Case for Getting Far, Far Away –> The New York Times

“I loved Christopher Solomon’s fine NY Times essay about traveling to the most remote places in the nation—most of which are here in the West. I’ve never been to Alaska’s Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve but now I really want to go there.” — Peter Fish, editor-at-large

Picnic Ideas + Point Reyes National Seashore –> Naturally Ella

“As a new Californian, I’m still in awe that so many incredible spots are just a few hours’ drive away. This post on Point Reyes from vegetarian food blogger Erin at Naturally Ella has me putting this at the top of my must-see list.” — Joanna Linberg, home editor

This 9-Year-Old Girl Told McDonald’s CEO: Stop Tricking Kids –> NPR’s The Salt

“I love a young person with moxie and who’s a budding food activist, to boot. And what’s that? She’s from the West and likes to bake kale chips? Naturally.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, Sunset.com

Who Would Kill a Monk Seal? –> The NYT

“The New York Times Magazine cover story two weeks ago asked, “Who would kill a monk seal?” Surprisingly, the Times is both able to answer that question and raise an even more difficult one—how do we successfully and fairly balance the needs of endangered animals and dispossessed people?” — Bruce Anderson, travel editor

Solo Bike Adventure –> Joy the Baker

“As an avid cyclist who sometimes forgets to savor the scenery, I loved Joy’s reminder that tooling around, agenda-free, on two wheels can really feed your soul. Her spectacular Venice Beach photos and Mason-jarred picnic lunch (strawberry-lime water, orecchiette tossed with basil and pistachios, recipes included) are just icing on the cake.” — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor


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