Remembering the Earth


Clockwise from left: Celebrate Earth Day; a St. Helena vineyard; the Iron Horse tasting room. 

By Sara Schneider, Sunset wine editor

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, I have to tip my hat to West Coast winegrowers and makers. I can’t think of any industry that has put more effective effort into practices that make sure they will have product to make for generations to come and we will have wine to drink without guilt, knowing that it’s causing no injury to our planet and people. If, for no other reason but that it makes so much wine, California (fourth largest producer in the world, behind France, Italy, and Spain) is core to the cause. And wineries and vineyards that produce nearly two-thirds of the state’s wine are participating in the California Sustainable Winegrowing program. That’s worth celebrating.

Happily, there are a slew of ways to get out and do that—mostly by drinking and eating yummy sustainable wine and food—during what the Wine Institute is calling “Down to Earth Month.” Here’s a promising list of festivities, and a link to more. (I’ll be at Iron Horse Vineyards on Sunday, April 21, celebrating with bubbles and other great Green Valley wines.)

FarmFest on the Coast, April 26–27: at Dinosaur Caves Park overlooking the Ocean in Pismo Beach.

Earth Day Food & Wine Festival, April 20: at Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery in Paso Robles.

Where the Earth Is First Fest, April 19–28: throughout Mendocino County.

Eat, Drink & Be Green—Celebrate Earth Day with Green Valley, April 21: at Iron Horse Vineyards in Sebastopol.


  1. wateringspikes

    I also participated in some activities for this recent Earth Day.

    April 28, 2013 at 6:53 am

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