The Recap: Juicy Morsels From Our Food Lovers’ Twitter Party

March 1, 2013 | By | Comments (2)

Just in case you missed our #SunsetFoodLovers Twitter party today, we spent our lunch hour feasting on tweets from a handful of chefs from our March issue.

Sunset food editor, Margo True, moderated along with our Chefs Feed partners. It was a sweet–and feisty–30 minutes of food-obsessed Twitter talk. Here’s a recap of the highlights (you can also track the entire conversation on TweetChat):


1) What spring ingredient are you most excited about? How will you use it in a dish?

Dominique Crenn (@dominiquecrenn), Atelier Crenn, San Francisco: Strawberries. I’m fermenting them in my new dish.

Tom Douglas (@TomDouglasCo), Palace Kitchen, Seattle: Cold pea soup with bacon & red radish salad.

Susan Feniger (@SusanFeniger), Border Grill, L.A.: Kumquats! I’m making a Ginger Kumquat Cocktail at my Street restaurant.

Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson (@Eatfrico), Frasca Food & Wine, Boulder: Asparagus, green & white. It’s the first real vegetable of the spring. We’ll use it in soup, salad, pasta etc…

Vitaly Paley (ChefVitalyPaley), Paley’s Place, Portland: Oregon always has amazing porcini mushrooms in the spring. We like to serve them shaved raw with some olive oil from  Oregon Olive Mill and and salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.

Nico Schuermans (@chambar), Chambar, Vancouver: Spot Prawns caught myself in Howe Sound, B.C.

Sheldon Simeon (@chefwonder), Star Noodle, Maui: Philippine Scallions. Both pickled and charred, served with smoked big eye tuna. inspired by my time spent there during this season of Top Chef.


2) What’s the biggest stereotype about being a chef that you’d like to dispel?

Chef Crenn: Being a rockstar. We are cooks and rockstars…

Chef Douglas: I hate that a chef has to be fat. Personally, I’d like to be skinnier!

Chef Feniger: That you just have to go on a TV show and win to be a successful restaurateur. Not that easy!

Chef Patterson: We don’t all have bad tempers and drink excessively.

Chef Malarkey: That it’s as glamorous as it looks on TV. Lot more blood, sweat and tears than you’d think.

Chef Paley: That chefs only cook in their kitchen. Sometimes we wash dishes and change light bulbs too.

Chef Schuermans: That we like to answer mundane questions that aren’t about food.


3) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten—and where did you eat it? (No judgment!)

Chef Douglas: I ate everything I was served in Hong Kong, SF and Hawaii recently – there is no weird food, just something you haven’t tried yet.

Chef Feniger: I ate a worm in Guadalajara, gross!

Chef Patterson: Fox tartare in Friuli, Italy at a rustic mountaintop agriturismo.

Chef Malarkey: Did you see last weeks nose to tail episode of @TheTasteABC? Enough said.

Chef Paley: Grilled Tuna Heart at our Anniversary Dinner with @ruckergabriel from @LePigeonPDX. It was a revelation.

Chef Schuermans: My wife’s first cheese soufflé attempt – good thing she’s hot & smart.


4) The closing question was a challenge: Create a 140-character recipe. The winners, directly from our chefs’ feeds:


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