Is There Any Part of the Fish You Can’t Eat?

November 5, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Courtesy of TED Books

Eating fish has taken on a whole new turn. Sure, there’s sustainability. But now it’s about eating the whole fish, from gill to adipose fin. Best imbibed with fish-friendly wines and beers. In The Whole Fish, How Adventurous Eating of Seafood Can Make You Healthier, Sexier, and Help Save the Ocean, author and Sunset contributor Maria Finn dives deep (sorry) into sustainability, including whole fish cooking (fish bacon, for real), and chef recipes paired with wines from Salmon-Safe and Fish-Friendly vineyards, those that use ag techniques that protect nearby watersheds from pollutants. Like Navarro Vineyards.

There are also alternatives for you non-wine-drinking fish-caring souls, like Schramm Potato Vodka, from Pemberton Distillery in B.C., a Salmon-Safe Certified Distillery. Or Deschutes brewery, which buys hops from Goschie Farms near Salem, Oregon, a hop grower that has earned Salmon-Safe certification.

As far as how all this will make you sexier, for that you’ll need to buy the book.


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