The West in Pictures

October 9, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Surfing in Alaska (Photograph by Scott Dickerson)


By Heather Hansman

Tumblr, the photo-based blogging site is a gold mine of unadulterated photo inspiration. As the days get shorter, these are our five favorites for stoking Western wanderlust:

1) Mexican Fireworks encompasses everything we love about weekends: adventure, open roads, solitude, and romance. Expect heavy doses of campfires, empty point breaks, and trails headed towards the horizon (see photo above).

2) Fall is seriously underway, but via Summer Goals you can still fantasize about swimming in Crater Lake, cowboy coffee, rooftop picnics, and rest of the things you should have checked off your summer list.


Washington’s Lower Lewis River Fall (Photograph by Christie MacLean)


3) California inspires its own kind of daydreaming and Golden State of Mind captures that sun-saturated Cali feeling perfectly.

Golden State photo

California coast (Photograph by Bala Sivakumar)


4) Camping across the West by motorcycle. Yes, please. Live the dream on Jordan Hufnagle’s West America.

West America photo

Mt. Hood, OR (Photograph by Jordan Hufnagle)


5) A little over a year ago, Foster Huntington quit his job in New York, moved into his van and began traveling the left half of the country taking pictures. Out of Reception chronicles what his trip looks like.

Out of Reception

Ventura, CA (Photograph by Foster Huntington)



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