Utah’s Airstream hotel

June 15, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Photograph courtesy of Shooting Star Drive-In

Airstreams and Hollywood: Two things that perfectly capture the Western spirit. Adventure on the road in wildly beautiful landscapes, and the imagination and glamour of the big screen. Southern Utah’s Shooting Star Drive-In is a brilliant mash-up of both. The eight Airstreams have added cool-factor decked out like on-set movie star trailers (I’d pick Sugar’s Shack ($159/night) in honor of Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like It Hot). Coolest throwback? The resort transforms into a drive-in movie theater at night, where you can settle into a seat in an old 60s convertible with your popcorn and milkshake to watch a flick, then wake up the next morning to the rugged beauty of Southern Utah. It’s the perfect place to be an adventuring Wild West cowboy, movie star, explorer, and dreamer.


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