GOT MILK? Our cow is all dried up

April 11, 2011 | By | Comments (1)


Spring has sprung and that means precious baby cows!  Actually, cows give birth year-round, but most frequently in the spring time.


My boyfriend and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon driving out to Claravale Farm to see Holly, our pregnant cow. Since she’s about to give birth, Ron Garthwaite, the farmer, dried her off several weeks ago to let her body charge up for the birth. Her udder is no longer plump and full of milk. Instead it’s totally dried up.  In a week or so,when she gives birth, she’ll naturally lactate once again.

Holly, all dried up
Ron, owner of Claravale Dairy, was kind enough to give us some milk from a different cow in the herd, meaning new adventures in what to make with milk will follow soon.  Stay tuned.


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