More space for growing food: Introducing our new outdoor kitchen (come see it this weekend)

June 4, 2009 | By | Comments (0)


Behold our new outdoor kitchen. It was finished about 10 minutes ago. Frankly, I’m dazzled…I have to restrain myself from running out there to admire it yet again. Not only does it have a stately pizza oven (that large red item at the back), a snazzy cocktail/wine bar (in foreground), and a long counter inset with multiple grills and a ferociously hot wok burner, it also has…

Fruits and vegetables and herbs! Closest to the camera: A pomegranate tree. Just beyond it: a baby Meyer lemon. Lavender is interspersed here and there, plus about five kinds of sage, tarragon, oreganos of every description, blueberry bushes, fig vines…we’ll be using lots of it in our next one-block feast, you can be sure.
If you like the looks of this, you should see it for yourself. Yes, I’m inviting anyone reading this to come on down and take a tour. Our doors are always open, but this weekend is an especially good time to visit because we’re having our big annual party, called Celebration Weekend, with live music, lots of food, cooking demonstrations (including pizza out of the new oven), and much more.
I’ll be there and so will all of our other One-Block-Diet crew. Say hello if you come!


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