Harvesting kale, one leaf at a time

December 6, 2008 | By | Comments (2)

Remember when our cool-season crops were just babies?

They are growing up quite nicely and some are even ready for harvest.

Here is our ‘Lacinato’ kale, posing for its photo opportunity:


A great way to harvest crops such as kale, swiss chard, leaf lettuce, mustard, bok choi, and spinach is to pick the outer, oldest leaves. This allows the plant to keep growing and producing while you enjoy your harvest bit by bit.

Wait until your plant is happily established with leaves maturing and new leaves growing out from the middle. Peel an outer leaf off from the junction where it connects to the stem.


Try not to leave part of the leaf’s stem attached as it can rot, inviting disease to your crop.


It usually peels off pretty easily leaving a minimal wound on the


The last step is predictable:



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