Monthly Archives: May 2008

Nugget joins the flock. Honeydome, part II: A new hope

by Elizabeth Jardina, Sunset researcher There’s no way to make this into a surprise, so here it is, right here at the beginning of this post. Meet Nugget. Probably four or five weeks old in this photo. Red feathers, blue-green eyes. Looks like a Rhode Island Red or some kind of Rhodie mutt. The bombshell: Nugget lives in the Honeydome […]

The Great Tanglefoot Disaster

By Margaret Sloan, Sunset Production Coordinator In a state of near panic after finding ants attacking our bees, we applied Tanglefoot to the cinderblocks holding up the hives. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Disastrously bad. We were right in one respect: Ants won’t cross Tanglefoot because they get stuck in it. The thing is, bees may be marvelous in many […]

Honeydome? Honeydoom! A drama in two parts.

By Elizabeth Jardina, Sunset researcher Having to put out a magazine every month really interferes with your chicken-blogging. In the midst of a whirlwind of deadlines finishing up the July issue, we were also dealing with change after change in the coop. First: A building boom (left). Our ever-resourceful building-maintenance staff members Tony Soria and Dan Strack built this masterful […]

Our bees are home — and under attack!

By Margaret Sloan, Sunset production coordinator The bees (honey-makers for our ultra-local feast) did finally make it home after our long day in Grass Valley. At 10 pm that night we settled the two hives on the cinder blocks and unplugged the hive entrance, expecting the bees to boil out. But all was quiet; there wasn’t even a low hum […]