Into the bottles

September 7, 2007 | By | Comments (1)

By Dale Conour, Sunset executive editor

Exciting times on the beer front. We’€™ve combined our ingredients (water, hops,barley, yeast, wheat, and honey) and got them fermenting…

we’ve moved the fermenting beer to a secondary fermenter (a big glass "carboy€") and removed the growing sediment (called "€œtrub"€)…

and this week…we bottled it.

Beerless leader Rick stirred in some "€œpriming"€ sugar to give the remaining yeast something to chew on and produce carbonation, and then we poured it into sterilized bottles, using a manually-operated capper to seal each bottle—41 of them in all.

Now we wait for the carbonation, as well as some maturation and a little more clarity; for beer, this means a couple more weeks—€”unlike guys, who need decades. Or so we’re (often) told…


  1. Melanie

    Have so enjoyed this blog! As an avid Sunset reader here in San Diego (and a seriously committed eat-localler – check my blog), it’s great to be able to benefit from your adventures! Keep up the good work and entertaining posts!

    September 9, 2007 at 8:33 pm

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